What Our Customers Had To Say..

I was unable to sleep on my back due to severe pain, my new bed has helped relieve the pain and I am sleeping more comfortably. Mr Duff
Thanks for fixing me up with your wonderful double mattress system, it has improved my health and wellbeing a lot! Mr Pillin
We are enjoying sleeping on our new mattress, it is so comfortable and soft and warm, we get up in the morning feeling much more refreshed and with no pains. Mr And Mrs Lindsay
The Massage is great and it helps me sleep. Its just as well it has a timer, as I'm fast asleep by the time it goes off. Mrs Mcgainey
We are back to sleeping through the night!

Thanks for your help and also to your excellent staff! Mr & Mrs Proctor
We are absolutely delighted with our two new beds. They are comfortable, snug and just perfect for all our health complaints Mr and Mrs Shaw
Having had the memory foam mattress for over two months I write to say how pleased I am with it. It is much better than my previous mattress having a very good combination of adequate firm support and comfort, this has been a worthwhile investment Mr Goslin
I am writing to let you know how absolutely delighted we are with our two new beds. Comfortable, snug and just perfect for all our health complaints, not a cure but the very next best thing.

I would like to mention how pleased I was with your company’s way of efficiency, everything was carried out just as stated. I also wish to thank the two delivery men, who were the most understanding people who carried everything out to a tee. Thanks to you all.
Mrs M Shaw
Further to our telephone conversation, I am now putting pen to paper as requested. As you know I am delighted with my new bed which was delivered on the 27th April, the bed itself has been very well designed with adjustable back rest and front elevation which I find really beneficial. The memory foam matress is extremely comfortable and has been made according to my height and weight. I use the massage unit for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before going to sleep.

I will list the benefits to myself as follows:
1 - I feel toned and less stiff after massage
2 - No further leg cramps at night since using the massage treatment
3 - No longer have really dry skin, especially on my legs and arms
4 - I am on treatment for high blood pressure and when checked at the surgery by the doctor it was 124/78, she was very pleased.
Very Happy Customer
Dear Sir
I find the mattress alone to be very comfortable but after 1/4 hour massage I am completely relaxed. The whole thing was worth every penny. Elenice Pratt
Just to let you know I find the massage unit comfortable and soothing as i get a good nights sleep. At first I was a bit disappointed as it made little difference to my physical condition, but I am beginning to notice a slight difference. Obviously it takes time to react. Catherine S Hunter